Law firms

Generate more instructions

The majority of home movers will be guided by their estate agent or mortgage broker on which law firm to instruct.

With this is mind, our platform is designed with one main objective; make it easy for property professionals to recommend their preferred law firms. Would you like this to be you?

When we partner with a law firm, we do not just add them to our panel. Our approach is a lot more intense and valuable. We view ourselves as their sales and marketing team, our role is to generate more instructions through increasing or developing a network of estate agents and mortgage advisors who refer clients on a weekly basis. We have been doing this since 2007 and we are pretty good at it.

Why partner with us?

Many (if not all) of our competitors will insist conveyancing fees are so low that it’s not viable for a law firm, unless referral volumes are unrealistically high. They will also charge a referral fee for each completed transaction.

Well not us, we allow law firms to set their own conveyancing fees and we do not charge a referral fee. Of course, we need to make a profit to operate but that does not come from conveyancing fees.

We offer all this to our partner law firms:

  • Allow us to be your Sales & Marketing team
  • Bespoke conveyancing quote platform
  • No need to quote or generate instructions
  • Your own network of introducers
  • Repeat and regular instructions
  • Introducers can generate quotes in seconds
  • Clients can instantly accept quotes by email
  • No referral fees to QuoteLegal
  • Set your own conveyancing fees
  • No time-consuming software to update

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