What do you need to know?

A new-style ‘HIP’ is coming – this year.

The Government is committed to a pack that will speed up the house selling process and reduce drop-out rates while providing the buyer with up-front information. As a result the Estate Agent industry is on-board.

The pack is fundamental to the Levelling Up White Paper released in February 2022. Part A is already in implementation with Part B (expected in May) and finally Part C following this year. When in full implementation, it is acknowledged that a legal element will be required.

Inevitably the Estate Agent will control who vendors commission as a pack provider, and in turn that will secure the conveyancing instruction.

An Exclusive Geographic Area for Your law firm

At QuoteLegal we partner law firms with their local estate agents. We have been doing it for over 15 years and we are pretty good at it.

We see the new-style ‘HIP’ as a fantastic opportunity to generate conveyancing instructions and we would love to work with your firm on an exclusive geographic basis (20 mile radius).

We all need to be one-step ahead of the competition. Now is the the time to build local relationships with agents – we must not wait until agents are being bombarded by hundreds of ‘pack providers’.

During 2007 – 2010 we produced tens of thousands of HIPs. We will have the required software and infrastructure to make sure this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Come on board with us now. Not only will you immediately secure an exclusive geographic area for conveyancing referrals, you will also be sitting perfectly for the introduction of the new-style ‘HIP’.

Do not lose out to your local competition. Speak to us today.

New style HIP

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